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Magic of My mother's hands | Magic of My mother's hands |
Magic of My mother's hands | Magic of My mother's hands |

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The Mother’s Magic Chronicle

Mother’s Magic, an Indian-based healthy snacking brand, is capturing North America’s culinary scene with a diverse array of global flavors and traditions. Our journey, initiated with a passion for sharing authentic tastes, offers products ranging from exquisite lotus seeds to alluring Himalayan pink salt. But our true pride is our delightful assortment of frozen momos, a gastronomic adventure through the Himalayas and beyond, capturing our mission, embodied in the tagline, “A World of Taste.”
Devoted to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Mother’s Magic diligently sources premium ingredients and collaborates with local communities. We emphasize eco-friendly practices for a positive environmental impact. Our invitation is simple – join us in savoring the magic of diverse tastes, lovingly crafted and delivered to your table. With Mother’s Magic, embark on an unrivalled journey experiencing a world of taste that knows no bounds.
What are you waiting for? Join the snacking revolution today and experience the magic of Mother’s Magic!

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Our state-of-the-art processing unit boasts fully automated machinery, so we can provide the utmost quality of products for our customers. Our dedicated professionals follow the most stringent standards at every step, to maintain the peak quality of our products. We’re obsessed with quality, and it reflects in every aspect of our business.

Our manufacturing facility in India is designed to be environmentally friendly and hygienic, with each product never once being touched by human hands, from treatment to packaging. In addition to full automation and computerization, we also proudly boast of an expert R & D lab, to innovate and develop new products, alongside a team of highly qualified nutritionists and QC experts, who help us keep our promise of the highest food safety standards.

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