Makhana Fruit Salad

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Savour the crunch of Makhana Fruit Salad, a delightful mix of popped lotus seeds and juicy fruits. This sweet, tangy blend tantalises the taste buds, promising a guilt-free culinary delight. An excellent blend of health and taste, it’s a must-try for a unique gastronomic adventure.
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Makhana Fruit Salad 1


  • Mother’s Magic Popped Lotus Seeds (Makhana) – 2 cups
  • Ripe Mango – 1, diced
  • Red Apples – 2, finely chopped
  • Pomegranate Arils – 1 cup
  • Mother’s Magic Himalayan Pink Salt – to taste
  • Fresh Mint Leaves – to taste (for topping)
  • Mother’s Magic Turmeric, Honey & Ginger Popped Lotus Seeds (Makhana) – 2 cups

Cooking Instructions

  • In a broad mixing bowl, mingle together cubes of luscious mango, finely chopped apples, and vivid pomegranate arils, thereby concocting an irresistible medley of fruit flavours that harmoniously blend in the palate.
  • Gently shower the exuberantly toasted lotus seeds over the colourful fruit assembly, having them cascade down as though they were bite-sized edible confetti.
  • Now, it’s showtime! With grace and finesse, crown your Makhana Fruit Salad with a scattering of freshly chopped mint leaves, introducing a visual appeal and a refreshing burst of flavour to the mix.
  • Mix all the components together with a tender swirl, assuring each mouthful is a delightful dance of varied textures and enthralling flavours.
  • Serve your uniquely crafted salad with a playful wink and a warm smile, for delectable food like this demands to be savoured with a spirited sense of fun!

Pro Tip: Feel free to add any other fruits that tickle your fancy – this salad loves a fruity adventure! So, go ahead and pop, crunch, and savour the magic of this delightful Makhana Fruit Salad! Enjoy!